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Coalition Position

     The Coalition for Open Space at EPCAL consists of a variety of civic and environmental organizations that are concerned about the future protection of the amazing natural resources located within the EPCAL site, and to our regional quality of life. Each group/organization has its own mission and specific concerns that it is focused on, and together we work to forward our goals of protecting natural space within EPCAL.
We are fighting to ensure that the significant natural resources present are afforded the protection they deserve. We work to ensure that communities and citizens throughout the region continue to enjoy the clean air, limited traffic issues, clean water, and high level of services they have today.


Members of the Coalition for Open Space at EPCAL:
  • have met with numerous elected officials to express their concerns, and continue to meet with them to help work towards a positive solution for everyone;
  • have designed and presented to the Riverhead Town Board an open space plan which would protect the most sensitive areas of the EPCAL site;
  • advocated to have the Calverton Grasslands included in the NYS Open Space Plan;
  • have created education materials for interested community members throughout the region and continue to travel throughout the region to share materials and discuss these issues with community members;
  • strongly opposed the Town of Riverhead's proposed changes to Peconic Wild and Scenic River designation;
  • continually work to ensure a thorough and transparent environmental review process;
  • advocated for the DEC to request lead agency status in the Riverhead Resorts development application;
  • fought against the changes to the Pine Barrens Overlay District Zone, which drastically reduced open space requirements within EPCAL;
  • believe that any development proposals must be looked at in a comprehensive manner;
  • advocated for an updated and thorough review of the entire EPCAL property;
  • closely followed the REPCAL and Riverhead Resorts review processes (as of November 2010 both contracts have been cancelled);
  • believe that an appropriate balance must be created between any potential development and the natural resources present at the site;
  • and they expect a result that respects the natural environment as well as our surrounding communities - thus linking economic growth with environmental protection - the only way long term success will be achieved.

For more information or to find out how you can help, please contact:
Jennifer Skilbred
Group for the East End
(631) 765-6450
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This map was first presented to the Riverhead Town Board by the Coalition at the September 17,2008 public hearing. It outlines in dark green highly sensitive portions of EPCAL that must be protected. The light green covers areas that are currently protected, and the pink denotes portions of the site that are more compatible to development if it is deemed appropriate for the community.